All of the end-game equipment for D2R can be found in these regions

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All of the end-game equipment for D2R can be found in these regions

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We are going to investigate the new D2R patch 2.4 as well as the game looting areas that are available at the end game level 85 areas in this guide. These are the regions from which you can basically find any piece of gear in the game, including the griffin's eye, which is the gear with the highest quality. These regions are brand new to D2R patch 2.4, and they contain all of the end-game equipment that can be found.

D2R New Farming Areas for the Endgame at Level 85

Underground Passage Level 1

This region is now level 85 when played on the hell difficulty setting. This is legitimate level 85 farming, this is the same as farming the pit or farming the chaos sanctuary, and you can find any good gear in this game. We have some lightning immunes, we have some cold immunes, and this is legitimate level 85 farming. This is the area 1 underground passage, and it is directly off of either the stony field or the dark woods. It doesn't matter which way you want to go; you can access it from either of the two locations.

Spider Forest

We are looking for the Stony Tomb; it consists of two levels, and both of those levels are now level 85 territory. So there are some undead in here that are not affected by the lightning. This is the frozen orb slash nova source on, she's just a damage output machine, she's absolutely beasty, just great great for frozen orb damage, and also great nova lightning damage. So there you have D2 ladder runewords for sale get more, a nice little build. So it doesn't really make a difference, because this build is actually so capable in all of these, unless we're going to encounter cold and lightning immune, which means that basically all of these areas that we're probably going to go through today are going to be very stoppable by this particular build.

Large Wetland Area

This is a convenient location because the arachnid lair is going to be right there off of the rack, after off of the spider forest waypoint that will bring us into the spider cavern or rather not the spider cavern the arachnid layer, the place that we always avoid because there is nothing to do here in the normal course of questing through the game. We are going to the arachnid lair. It is the other one, known as the spider cavern, that you are looking for. However, the arachnoir can now be put to good use and serves a specific purpose. We have some people who are immune to lightning, we have some people who are immune to poison, and we have a very nice and stompable spot. Anyway, this level 85 area is a very easy place to run around, there is not too much mazy stuff, monsters are super duper predictable, and you can absolutely destroy this area if you have a bunch of lightning immunes.

Flayer Jungle

We are looking for the swampy pit, which reportedly has three different levels. So depending on how you've built your character and how quickly you can kill those enemies before they kill you, this could potentially be a more terrifying experience than you've already had. However, given that these enemies are very vulnerable and will perish in a short amount of time. On the other hand, the little chargey dolls can be a nuisance and a danger, which can make them quite terrifying. The majority of the time, the only thing that could potentially cause a problem are those unexpected bursts of damage.

Difused Fame

You could look in this area for the tomb as well, as it is one of the possible locations. This location was previously a level 84 zone, meaning that it had the potential to drop nearly the highest level loot and possibly even the highest level loop before it was upgraded to a level 85 zone. And you're going to have to be a little bit more cautious in these areas because they attract random spawns of certain types of monsters, such as stoney are pit vipers, whaling beasts, and scarab beetles. It is going to take a little bit more time to find them than some of the other areas, and they are going to be quite small, a little bit dangerous, and a little bit more difficult to find than the other areas. There may be a couple more locations within the cross bazaar as well, such as the rune temple, the forgotten reliquary, and basically all of those little stair spots that led you on your normal quest through curious bizarre to find the tomb. These locations include the other areas like the rune temple and the forgotten reliquary.

Sewer Level 1

This is yet another location, and it too has been upgraded to a level 85 zone. In light of the fact that undead appear to favor having lightning immunity, we obtained some lightning immunes. In addition, we obtained magic and cold immune. We got some bramble mitts and some poison immunes, and this actually looks like it's going to have quite a lot of monsters in it, as well as some monster packs that are quite a nice size. You can have certain monsters, like those little shocking bats, or others, that can sneak up on you and surprise you.


We are searching for the glowing red portal of Abaddon, which is located somewhere in these icy highlands. In the past, you avoided going there because there was no compelling reason to do so; however, now that it has been transformed into a level 85 zone, it would be a great location for such a zone. After that, we head to Abaddon, where things can get a little bit glitchy and a little bit buggy. We have some hell witches that are immune to the cold, but they are no match for lightning. Additionally, we have some horrors that are immune to poison. The presence of those hell witches makes this location a little bit painful.

The Acheron Wasteland

You will face a variety of monsters in this area, which not only looks awesome but also provides you with the opportunity to farm in a hellish setting. This area seems to be more powerful than some of the others. This area might be great because you could just turn all of those fireballs into healing; therefore, this might be a really great way to farm this unless those do magic damage. This area might also be great because you could just turn all of those fireballs into healing.

Glacial Trail

You can find the drifter cavern; this location used to be level 84, but it has since been raised to level 85, and we have added cold immunes into this area. So bring anything other than cold damage, and we defeated some moon lords. This region has always seemed challenging, much like the drifter cavern and the other cavern where you rescue onion draw on the blank here especially for sorcerers with that little damager thingy that's on her head. This is not a good location for sorceress, but perhaps other classes will find it useful.


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