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Large aluminum sheet exporter

Verfasst: 22.09.2022, 03:42
von alusale
Huawei Aluminum is one of the top large aluminum sheet exporters in China, we provide you with 5052 Aluminum Sheet cut to your desired size. The large aluminum plate represents the ultra-long and ultra-wide aluminum plate. Ultra-long aluminum plate refers to an aluminum plate with a width of 1800 mm and a length of more than 4000 mm. Our factory can process specifications with width greater than or equal to 2000 mm and length less than or equal to 12000 mm. The international standard width of aluminum plate is 1000mm, 1200mm and 1220mm. We usually define an aluminum plate with a width of more than 1500mm as an ultra-wide aluminum plate. Generally, the thickness of the ultra-wide aluminum plate can only be more than 1mm, and the material is mainly 5052, 5083, 5086, 6061 aluminum alloy, and the thickness is usually 1.0-260 mm.
Large aluminum sheet exporter produces extra-wide and extra-thick alloy aluminum sheets (maximum thickness: 600mm, maximum width 3000mm). Large aluminum sheets can be used for boat sheets and car sheets. Huawei Aluminum's large aluminum plate has won the recognition of customers and the market, creating a unique advantage. Especially since Huawei Aluminum started production as a wide rolling range (1+1) production line, the business volume of large and thick aluminum plate products with 5083 aluminum plate as the core has grown rapidly, opening a new situation for the company to penetrate into the market. After the new production line is put into operation, the ultra-wide aluminum plate will become one of the core products of the 1+1 production line. The application range of ultra-wide aluminum plate is very wide. Taking 5083 ultra-wide aluminum plate as an example, tanker Quality Alloy Aluminum Sheet, marine aluminum plate, mold aluminum plate are the main application fields.
Large aluminum sheet exporters produce extra-wide aluminum sheets that can be used as materials for ship parts such as hulls, operating tables, and more. On tank trucks, it can be used as a structural material for critical components such as tank bodies, tank lids and baffles. In major shipbuilding countries, Huawei's 5083 alloy large aluminum plate business has been further improved.